burning griefs

Listen to the reed how it tells a tale, complaining of seprations
Saying,"ever since I was parted from the reed-bed,my lament hath caused man and woman to moan
I want a bosom torn by severance,that I may unfold ( to such a one ) the pain of love-desire
Every one who is left far from his source whishes back the time when he was united with it
In every company I uttered my wailful notes, I consorted with the unhappy and them that rejoice
Every one became my friend from his own opinion,none sought out my secrets from within me
My secret is not far from my plaint , but ear and eye lack the light ( whereby it should be apprehended)......

ترجمه ی نیکلسون ..
از حضرت مولانا.

از تمام دوستان با محبت چشمهای نادیده که محبتشون رو این روزها بی پاسخ گذاشتم عذر میخوام ...
حالم خوبه.. ایمیلهارو هم چک میکنم! گوشیم هم خراب نیست!
فقط لطفا یک فرصت برای تنهایی به من بدید...

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salam doste khob zeba negashte jomalat v harfhaye delat ra edame bede baz ham sar khaham zad movfag v peroz bashed ya alii