As always when Venus was in trouble , she turned for help to her son , that beautiful winged youth whom some call Cupid and others love ,
against whose arrows there is no defense , neither in heaven nor on the earth .
Venus told him Psyche s wrongs , & as always Cupid was ready to do Venus bidding.
" Use your power , " she said , " and make the hussy fall madly in love with the vilest and most despicable creature there is in the world...." And no doubt he would have done ,
If Venus had not first shown him Psyche , never thinking in her jealous rage what such beauty might do even to the God of love himself !
As Cupid looked upon Psyche it was as if he had shot one of his arrows into his own heart !
He said nothing to his mother, indeed he had no power to utter a word !! and Venus left him with the happy confidence that he should swiftly bring about Psyche ,s ruin .......
What happened , however , was not what Venus had counted on .

Psyche did NOT fall in love with a horrible wretch ,
She did not fall in love at all !! still more strange , no one fell in love with her!
Men were content to look and worship
and then pass on to marry someone else......
Psyche , the all beautiful, sat sad & solitary ,
only admired
never loved.

................adapted from :The Greek Gods

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گروه آنلاین پرشین اقدام به طراحی ونصب سیستم تبلیغاتی وسیعی نموده است . کار این سیستم به این نحو میباشد که هر کاربر عضو با ارائه بنر( لوگو ) تبلیغاتی خود میتواند به صورت رایگان در چرخه این سیستم قرار بگیرد هنگامی که کاربر در چرخه قرار گرفت یک کد html دریافت خواهد نمود و می بایست آن را در صحفه آغازین وب سایت خود قرار دهد وبا هر بار نمایش به صورت خودکار بنر شما هم در سایت عضو دیگر نمایش داده میشود و نیز میتوانید به همین صورت کسب اعتبار نمائید ودر سایت های پر بیننده فارسی زبان تبلیغ نمائید . این هدیه ای است از طرف گروه پرشین آنلاین برای پیشرفت اطلاع رسانی رایگان در بین سایت های فارسی زبان(ازشما دوست گرامی نيز دعوت می کنيم که در اين سيستم عضو شويد و از مزايای آن استفاده کنيد)


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