L'horizon imprenable

As always when Venus was in trouble , she turned for help to her son , that beautiful winged youth whom some call Cupid and others love ,
against whose arrows there is no defense , neither in heaven nor on the earth .
Venus told him Psyche s wrongs , & as always Cupid was ready to do Venus bidding.
" Use your power , " she said , " and make the hussy fall madly in love with the vilest and most despicable creature there is in the world...." And no doubt he would have done ,
If Venus had not first shown him Psyche , never thinking in her jealous rage what such beauty might do even to the God of love himself !
As Cupid looked upon Psyche it was as if he had shot one of his arrows into his own heart !
He said nothing to his mother, indeed he had no power to utter a word !! and Venus left him with the happy confidence that he should swiftly bring about Psyche ,s ruin .......
What happened , however , was not what Venus had counted on .

Psyche did NOT fall in love with a horrible wretch ,
She did not fall in love at all !! still more strange , no one fell in love with her!
Men were content to look and worship
and then pass on to marry someone else......
Psyche , the all beautiful, sat sad & solitary ,
only admired
never loved.

................adapted from :The Greek Gods

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