L'horizon imprenable

باید بنویسم

Spanish Train ,

Chris De Burgh ,


And I said "Lord, oh Lord, you let him win
The sun is down and the night is riding in
That train is dead on time, many souls are on the line

"......... Oh Lord, don't let him win

 عجببب ترانه ای!

عمو کریس باور کن قدیمترها این ترانه ی مالیخولیایی اینقدر چسبندگی نداشت ! از اونجا که


the time has come to see,
who will be the king of this place.

.............. بعد

But as he spoke, form beneath his cloak,
He slipped another ace



But the Lord didn't see what the devil did,
And He said, " that suits me fine

I’ll raise you high, to hundred and five, 
and forever put an end to your sins

خود خودشه

But the devil let out a mighty shout,
"My hand wins"


 ...  And far away in some recess,
The Lord and devil are now playing chess.
The devil still cheats and wins more souls,
And as for the Lord, 

و این مدلی بی پناه و درمانده خوندن پایانبندی رو که

He’s just doing his best

واین لحن ملتمسانه و نا امید 

And I said,
Lord, oh Lord, you’ve got to win,
The sun is down and the night is riding in.
That train is still on time, 
oh my soul is on the line
....Oh Lord, you’ve got to win


من چی باید بگم الان؟!!؟

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